what fence panel for garden fences

When you are setting out to replace your garden fence or construct a new boundary there are a wide range of options both in physical appearance and material type to choose from.

Be it a home or commercial project at Harlow Timber we pride ourselves in offering quality fence products to the market, and we thought we’d take a little time to explain our options for fence panels and accessories to make the best of your new boundary.

Fence Panels

At Harlow we offer more than one type of timber fence panel for your project so that you can select the right panel to suit either your existing boundary or your budget & desires for your new fence.

Both in our online shop and throughout our network of branches we offer:

Waney Edge Fence Panels

waney edge lap fence panels dark brown  waney edge lap fence panels golden brown

Waneyedge, also known as lap fence panels are one of our most popular timber fence panel options due to their exceptional value for money and simple style.

Waney or lap panels feature quality horizonal lap slats that make up a consistent surface, and are braced at intervals using 8 x 38mm x 16mm batons. The top and bottom of the panel is further strengthened using 2 x 50mm x 19mm dip treated timber. The panel is finished with a bevelled capping rail to help prevent rain and moisture from penetrating the panel.

Our waney fence panels are dip treated to help fight infestation and the elements, and the finish comes in either dark oak brown or golden brown varieties.

We offer a selection of sizes of waney lap panel to suit your project:

6 x 3 Feet

6 x 4 Feet

6 x 5 Feet

6 x 6 Feet

Feather Edge Fence Panels

feather edge close board fence panels dark brown  feather edge close board fence panels golden brown

Our feather edge or close board fence panels are heavy a heavy duty timber fencing option that are pleasing on the eye and designed to stand the tests of time.

With a strong vertical make up of 18 x 600mm featheredge boards that create a consistent face, our close board panels are manufactured using of 2 x 6′ x 45mm x 32mm rails for rigidity and strength.

These stunning feather edge panels are finished with a capping rail to help stave off moisture and rain.

Once again our close board fence panels are dip treated to help fight infestation and the elements, and the finish comes in either dark oak brown or golden brown varieties.

As with our waney panels these high quality feather edge fence panels come in a variety of sizes:

6 x 3 feet

6 x 4 feet

6 x 5 feet

6 x 6 feet

Our panels are always 6 feet in width and the height is the varied to create the size of fence you desire.

We also offer a wide range of timber fence posts and pre cast concrete posts to complete you boundary.

To complete your fence our quality pressure treated gravel boards are available to ensure you have everything you need to get your job done.

We have a handy fencing calculator too so if you know what size fence you need to make and the panel size you desire our calculator will do the rest.

Find our fence calculator here

If it’s something bespoke or with a décor or style in mind our sales team are on hand to quote and organise your fencing panels or marials at highly competitive prices to your door or site.

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Be in a commercial project, housing or garden at Harlow Timber we have the fencing panels and products to get your job done to the highest of standards.

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