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About Engineered Timber Trusses & Timber Beam Products

If you’re planning a project that requires a sturdy and reliable engineered truss and beam products, Harlow Bros has got you covered.

Our engineered joists are made from premium-grade timber and are engineered to withstand heavy weight bearing using our bespoke machining services.

To provide roof structure our timber frame trusses that are specially engineered to be robust, secure, and structurally sound for a range of roofing applications. They are designed to be used in conjunction with membranes and tiles to protect any project against the elements.

Find the Perfect Engineered Structural Timber with Harlow Bros

At Harlow Bros, we understand that building projects are different, presenting unique challenges requiring different framework styles. That’s why we provide engineered joists as well as variety truss products that are made using high-grade timber that’s expert machined.

All of our products are made from ethically sourced timber ensuring they are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Simply submit an enquiry to receive a price on application about your specific needs, and we will be happy to provide you with a competitive quotation.

Whatever your needs, shop only the best materials with Harlow Bros.

Check Out Our Trusses for Roofs & Engineered Joists

We have an extensive range of roofing solutions at Harlow Bros. If you wish to look further into them, see them below:

Trust Harlow Bros to provide you with the perfect products that are manufactured and procured to the highest of building specifications.FAQs

What are engineered joists?

Engineered joists are structural frameworks made up of timber that provide support for the building’s internal structure, normally for flooring. They are designed to support any load bearing on the floor.

How are engineered joists made?

The most common type engineered joists are I-beams or I-joists made from timber. These are made by connecting a series of parallel beams with webbing. In certain types of joists, the webbing material will vary from metal to wood – depending on the anticipated load bearing capacity the floor will require.

How do I choose the right engineered joists or trusses for my project?

The right engineered joists for your project will depend on factors such as the span of the floor, the load-bearing capacity required, and the building’s design.

Similarly, for trusses, the span of the roof, the load bearing capacity of the tiles and membranes, as well as the building’s overall design will play a role in the ideal truss for your project. Our team of experts can provide advice and guidance to help you choose the right products for your project.