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About Planed Timber (PAR)

Sometimes known as 'planed square edge' timber or 'planed all round', Planed timber is an excellent, sturdy choice for joinery, decorative and building projects where a smooth quality finish is required.

At Harlow Bros, we manufacture (machine or mill) our own planed timber (PAR). It is processed in our on-site sawmills by skilled wood machinists, ensuring you get the smoothest finish and the sharpest edges with every piece or length panel. Whether your wood project is by a skilled joiner or a DIY project at home, using the best quality materials will help ensure a great finish.

We select only the finest joinery grades of softwoods when machining making our timber, and use mills that operate to international sustainability standards to create a product of the highest quality whilst keeping the environment in mind.

Shop for excellent planed timber with Harlow Bros today!

Planed timber Sizes

Our planed timber is available in a wide variety of thickness sizes to meet your project requirements. Some of these include:

  • 50 mm
  • 75 mm
  • 100 mm
  • 125 mm
  • 150 mm
  • 200 mm
  • 275 mm

Our machining capabilities allow us to produce both pack quantities and smaller bespoke items to order. If you would like to discuss getting a custom-size timber panel, please get in touch with us to find out more.

Why Shop For PAR With Harlow Bros

Harlow Bros have been procuring, machining and supplying exceptional timber and other wood products since the 1920s.

We're passionate about customer satisfaction and always aim to supply our consumers with the best materials for reasonable prices. When you buy your planed timber with Harlow Bros, you'll get fantastic timber selected specially by us at a competitive price.

Only settle for the best; shop with Harlow Bros today!

Our Other Joinery Timber Wood Options

If planed timber isn’t all you need to complete your project, we have a host of other joinery-grade timber options that may be useful to you. Take a look at our:

Explore our collections to find the joinery timber for your project. You will always get a great deal and quality products at Harlow Bros.


What Is Planed All Round Timber?

Planed timber is also known as PAR, which stands for 'planed all round' or PSE which is short for ‘planed square edge’. It is timber planed on all four sides to have a smooth, uniform finish along with crisp square edges.

How Does Planed Timber Differ From Sawn Timber?

They are made from different source materials: planed timer is made from joinery grade softwoods that will plane smooth, whereas Sawn Timber is you cannot plane as the spruce timber would fur.

While planed timber is smooth on all sides, rough-sawn timber is left with rough edges. Rough-sawn timber is often used in projects where the timber will continuously be cut, whereas Planed timber is pre-cut to your specifications.