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About Timber Floorboards

Our sawmills and machinists manufacture a range of wooden timber floorboards, giving you the quality you need to complete your project easily. Whether you are repairing an existing floor or creating a new timber floor surface, you'll find our products in a selection of widths, lengths and thicknesses to suit your job.

At Harlow Bros, we have been in the business of supplying wood since the 1920’s. This experience has allowed us to procure the very best sustainable timber, using the highest-quality materials to create fantastic products. With tongue and groove floor systems in place, it has never been easier to lay an exceptional wooden floor.

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Durable Timber Floorboards Cut To Size

We have ready-to-order planed tongue & grooved timber floorboards pre-cut to suit your needs. The board sizes we offer include:

  • 22 x 125 mm
  • 25 x 125 mm

Alternatively, if you need a specific size of high-quality timber floorboards for your project, get in touch with us to discuss bespoke orders. As all our timber building materials are cut and sawed in-house, we can often fulfil specific requirements.

Why Choose Harlow Bros For Your Timber Floorboards

Harlow Bros have almost a century of experience providing people across the UK with high-quality timber building materials. We know what it takes to produce a great timber product and take no liberties in ensuring that everything we produce meets these high standards.

When you pick us for your timber floorboards, you can rest assured that you will get a strong, durable, and efficient product for completing the project at hand.

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Our Other Flooring & Worktop Options

At Harlow Bros, we have plenty of other flooring and worktop options. Take a look at some of our other popular categories:

Get nothing but premium building materials when you shop with Harlow Bros. Explore our full range today!


Are timber floorboards waterproof?

While we do offer water-resistant chipboard flooring sheets, timber is not naturally waterproof. To increase the waterproof abilities of the timber, you can use a sealant to help prevent water from getting into the boards.

What is a suspended timber floor?

A suspended timber floor means you have a crawl space underneath the ground floor, and the timber beams go over this space and the flooring on top of them. This is less common with modern houses but can sometimes be a solution to flooring over a space such as an indoor pool.

Can you tile over timber floorboards?

Yes. If your floor is stable & even enough to carry the extra weight of the tiles, it is possible to tile over timber floorboards.