Our Transport

Because of the nature of our industry logistics is a vital aspect of our operations at the Harlow Group.

Throughout our locations we use our own vehicles to distribute stocks and bring products to you on time, empowering our businesses with their own transport facilities and trained planners in order to ensure that when you are placing an order with Harlow you can trust on us to deliver.

At Harlow we have committed even further to our logistics capabilities with software, tracking capabilities allied with a wide range of delivery vehicles that we partner with our team of qualified drivers to ensure that our stocks are in the right place at the right time.

When you need a delivery from Harlow we understand that communication is key to ensure that your requirement arrives at your location on the right vehicle, and our experienced team of sales and logistics staff are trained to ensure that we obtain the right information from you for a smooth and safe arrival and offload.

We are delighted to announce that the Harlow Timber Group is now FORS Silver accredited.

Silver accreditation confirms that we employ fleet best practice, by achieving FORS Silver we are also now compliant with the CLOCS Standard for Construction Logistics and with TfL’s WRRR (Work Related Road Risk).

  • harlow accedited to fors silver standard

At Harlow we make the safety of our customers, staff and the general public our top priority.

We have invested in our delivery fleet in terms of:

  • Cameras
  • Sidescan Warning Sensors
  • Voice Alarms

We did this because we care about the wellbeing of everyone who comes into contact with our fleet, and whilst ensuring you get your order on time is at our core we want to ensure that whenever we are on the move we have the safety of all as our primary focus.

With our modern fleet, trained operatives, safety equipment and an experienced team of sales and transport planning staff all in house we'd hope you'd agree with us that at Harlow we are fully equipped to deliver to you on time, on the right vehicle and with safety in mind.

Whether it's timber, engineered timber products or a timber building you require you can rely upon us to bring our products to you at a time with a manner that suits your requirements.

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