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About Garden Sheds

A high-quality garden shed is a fantastic option for anyone looking for an attractive storage solution in their garden. 

At Harlow Bros, our garden sheds are made to last. Our expert manufacturing team builds them on-site using high-quality shiplap and timber in a simple panel construction that easily bolts together to form a lasting outbuilding for your garden or business. 

Transform your outdoor space with an exceptional garden shed with Harlow Bros today. Place an enquiry with us to get started. 

Buy High-Quality Garden Sheds 

Our garden sheds come in various sizes and styles to meet your aesthetic and storage demands. All of our garden sheds come pre-treated to protect against wear. 

Some of the options we offer include:

  • Treated Timber Shiplap Pent Garden Shed 6x4' (Self Assembly Kit)
  • Treated Timber Shiplap Apex Garden Shed 8x6' (Self Assembly Kit)
  • Treated Timber Shiplap Apex Garden Shed 10x8' (Self Assembly Kit)


Please note that our garden sheds come flat-packed for self-assembly. They include all components, including the base, windows, fixings and roof felt.

To see our range of larger summer houses and garden structures, explore our full garden buildings range. We're sure we'll have something that meets your requirements.

Why Purchase a Garden Shed From Harlow Bros?

Harlow Bros has been supplying customers with exceptional products since the 1920s. We're passionate about high-quality building materials and structures and always endeavour to provide our customers with the very best products available.

When you shop with Harlow Bros, you get a team of dedicated experts on your side. Our customer service team is always happy to help answer any questions about our products, helping you make the best purchasing decisions for your project. 

Explore Our Other Timber Structures & Porches

Garden sheds aren't the only timber structures we offer at Harlow Bros. We also have various other structures available in various sizes and designs. Some of our other collections include:

Find the perfect structure for your needs with Harlow Bros. Shop today. 


How do you maintain a garden shed?

Regular cleaning is important for maintaining your garden shed. 

Dirt and debris can accumulate in a garden shed over time, so it is a good idea to wipe down any surfaces and corners of the shed to prevent mould or mildew growth. Giving your shed regular dustings and sweeps is also recommended to avoid the build-up of cobwebs and dust.


How do you protect a garden shed from rot?

Harlow Bros's timber is pre-treated to protect from rot and insects. However, if you need extra protection, a range of wood treatments are available to help you keep your shed in excellent condition.


How many sheds can I have in a garden in the UK?

Generally, you should be allowed more than one shed in your garden so long as they're not used for residential purposes (i.e. nobody should be living in them). However, some local councils restrict the number of outbuildings you're allowed – so it's always best to check with your local authority if you're not sure what you're allowed.