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About Wood Door Casings & Linings

Whether creating a new doorway or refreshing an existing one, Harlow Bros has a range of solid timber door casings & linings to help you easily complete your project.

Our timber door linings and casings come in a selection of sets and sizes to suit your requirements. They feature a solid wood finish and are responsibly sourced and moulded by us. Our wood machinists ensure the product's structural integrity and guarantee a high-quality timber finish.

Shop timber door casings & linings today.

Sizes Of Door Casings & Linings

We have many sizes of timber door casings and linings available. Some of the sizes we stock include:

  • 33 x 106 mm
  • 33 x 132 mm
  • 34 x 106 mm
  • 34 x 132 mm

If you can't find what you are looking for in our online store, get in touch with us to discuss custom orders. We process all of our timber on-site, we can often complete bespoke orders for those who need them.

Why Buy Your Door Casings & Linings With Harlow Bros?

Harlow Bros have a decades-old history of supplying the UK with exceptional timber. We take care when creating the best products possible and always work hard to ensure every product we sell is crafted to the highest standards.

Our door casings & linings are high-quality, durable and true. Whether buying online or ordering a custom fit, we can help you get the door casing or lining you need to complete your project seamlessly.

Our on-site sawmills create our range of solid timber door linings and casings from our extensive stocks on timber.

Get exceptional quality at low costs when you shop with Harlow Timber.

Our Other Joinery Timber Building Materials

We have a wide variety of other joinery timber products to offer here at Harlow Bros. Explore some of our other categories, including:

No matter what you require for your project, Harlow Bros has an extensive range to cater to your needs. Shop today.


What is the difference between door casings and door linings?

A door casing is a pre-machined moulded piece of timber with the shape created to take the door.

A door lining has a separate strip of timber with it that you can use to adjust where the door sits within the frame.

Why are door casing & lining important?

Door casing & lining is important because it holds the door in the right position, provide support and allows the door to move on its hinges.

What is fire door casing & lining?

As fire doors tend to be heavier than standard doors, they will require their own type of casing and linings to hold them in place. We offer a range of casing & lining suitable for fire doors in our store.