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About Softwood & Shuttering Plywood Boards

Softwood ply & shuttering ply boards are commonly used in construction projects for domestic, residential, and commercial applications.

With a face and back veneer made from softwood and a core constructed from thin bonded timber sheets or veneers, softwood ply is an excellent choice for projects that include sheathing, roofing, shuttering, flooring, joinery, formwork and more.

At Harlow Bros, all of our softwood & shuttering ply is made with Elliotis or Spruce softwood timber, giving it a lightweight feel which is structurally graded and easy to work with during construction.

Softwood Plywood Sheets

At Harlow Bros, we provide softwood ply sheets in a wide array of sizes. Some of the sizes we have on offer include:

  • 9mm
  • 12mm
  • 18mm
  • 24mm

If you need a different size softwood ply board, please contact us.

Why Shop For Softwood Ply Sheets With Harlow Bros

When you choose to shop for softwood ply sheets with Harlow Bros, you get excellent-quality wood at great prices. Our reasonable rates make us a top choice for experienced builders and beginners alike.

Harlow Bros supply some of the best wooden sheets in the UK. Since the 1920s, we have been providing consumers with exceptional quality products for their construction projects and needs.

Shop for reliable softwood ply sheets for your project today.

Our Other Plywood Options

If softwood ply isn’t the right choice for your project, or you need another type of plywood, we have plenty of options to choose from:

We have an excellent selection of quality sheet materials available in a range of sizes and thicknesses to suit your project.


What Is The Difference Between Softwood And Hardwood?

The main difference between softwoods and hardwoods is the type or species of tree they are sourced from, and as a result, they have different characteristics that make them more suited for certain applications.

Hardwoods are more durable and dense, making them good for more heavy-duty applications such as furniture building, flooring, and decorative woodwork, but also in certain construction applications like heavy-use doors, window sills, staircases, etc.

Softwoods are lighter in density and are widely used in construction and furniture making, such as framing, flooring, decks, shuttering and other indoor and outdoor structures.

 Where Does Softwood Come From?

Softwood comes from coniferous trees, such as pine, spruce, and cedar, that typically have needles instead of leaves.

Can Softwood Ply Be Painted?

Hardwood ply boards have a rough face and it is recommended you sand your softwood before coating with primers, paints and wood stains to create the perfect finish for your build and the perfect aesthetic for your chosen space.