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About Metal Web Joists

Harlow Timber Systems have been successfully providing our customers and clients with complete metal web joist solutions for their projects for decades.

Whether you have been advised that metal joists might be what you need for your project, or you’re an experienced housebuilder company looking for high-quality building solutions, Harlow Timber Systems have what you need to finish your project with excellent stability, durability and quality.

With our fantastic team of metal web joist specialists at hand to help guide, advise and help you design your project – it’s never been easier to complete a build with Harlow Timber Systems.

Shop metal web joists today.

Metal Web Joists Pricing

We use a price on the application system for all our metal web joists. This helps us to work with you to get an accurate number of how many joists you need and work to get you the most affordable price possible.

It is also important for us to ensure that your build is up to regulation standards before providing any materials. Our design team can help to plan, design and supply the necessary products to ensure your building is safe and meeting all legal requirements.

To enquire about this product or request a quotation please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Why Shop For Joists Materials With Harlow Timber Systems  

Harlow Timber Systems have been supplying high-quality building materials since the 1920s. We have always valued strong customer service and provide our clients with nothing but the best.

Not only this, but our experts are always on hand to help answer any questions you may have that might inform your purchase – we want to ensure you acquire the right products for your project.

When you buy your metal web joists from us, we’ll help you through every aspect of the ordering a buying process.

Shop great products at fantastic prices with Harlow Timber Systems.

Our Other Roof Trusses & Engineered Joists

Harlow Timber Systems provide a full range of exceptional roof trusses & engineered joists to help you complete your build. Take a look at some of our other ranges, including:

Complete your project with Harlow Timber Systems CLS timber range today.


What is a metal web system?

Metal web systems are a combination of timber and pressed metal webs which form an “open-web” joist. Their open web design helps to make it easier for builders to install pipework, cabling, and other important systems.

Where is a metal web joist typically used?

Metal web joists are typically used by those constructing flooring. They help to reinforce the timber work, whilst leaving openings for pipes, heating systems and more.

What are Posi Joists?

“Posi joist” is another name for a metal web joist. They can be used in all kinds of buildings and are often the first pick for engineers and designers.