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About Timber Roof Trusses

At Harlow Timber Systems, our timber roof trusses are made from the highest-quality timber.

We never cut corners when it comes to quality, and we’re passionate about providing an exceptional engineered timber product which is strong, durable, and effective for your build.

No matter the size or scale of your project, our knowledgeable team can help you acquire the roof trusses to fulfil your specific project demands.

Shop high-quality timber roof trusses today.

Roof Trusses Pricing

We use a price on the application system for all roof trusses. This allows us to help you get exactly what you need for your project at the best price possible, taking into consideration the design of your roof, as well as delivery & manufacturing costs.

To find out more about timber roof trusses or to request a quotation for your build please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Why Shop For Roof Trusses With Harlow Timber Systems

Harlow Timber Systems has been in business since the 1920s. We have been supplying the UK with expert building materials for almost a century, offering exceptional customer service and high-quality products.

When you buy your roof trusses with us, you won’t just get an exceptional product, but you’ll also get expert advice from our team of professionals.

If your project requires a unique roof truss solution, our specialist sales, design and manufacture teams are on hand to ensure that your project is supplied with a truss solution that works for you.

Shop timber roof trusses with Harlow Timber Systems today!

Our Engineered Joists & I-Beams

Harlow Timber Systems has a wide variety of engineered joists and I-Beams to help you complete your project with the highest quality building materials. Take a look at some of our other ranges, including:

Shop great building materials with Harlow Timber Systems.


What Is A Roof Truss?

A truss is an architectural term for an assembly of members (for example, timber beams) connected by nodes that create a rigid structure. A roof truss, therefore, is a structure that supports the weight of any roofing materials and forms its shape / design.

What Are The Types Of Roof Trusses?

At Harlow Timber Systems, we design and supply timber roof trusses. Our timber product range is expansive, and we also provide things such as spandrel panels and standard trusses rafters to help complete your build.

Are Timber Roof Trusses Good?

Timber roof trusses are regarded for their strength and durability. They also have unique thermal properties, especially in comparison to steel roof trusses, which help to make the structure more energy efficient.