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About Timber Skirting & Decorative Architrave

At Harlow Bros, we provide a fantastic range of timber skirting & architrave to help you complete your project with style.

Our range of solid timber skirting boards and decorative architraves are machined in our own sawmills that operate with source timber from sustainable forests. We have nearly 100 years of seeking out the best softwood for our products, prioritising sustainability, quality, and durability.

Our wood machinists use our in-house suite of timber moulding machinery to create a vast selection of timber skirting & architrave profiles to suit your project. We have everything from torus, ogee and chamfered decorative styles available in prime-grade softwood.

Shop high-quality, premium timber skirting & architraves today.

Timber Architraves & Skirting Cut To Size

At Harlow Bros, we have a fantastic range of timber architraves & skirting boards available pre-cut. Some of the sizes and styles we offer online include:


  • 19 x 50 mm (Chamfered and rounded)
  • 19 x 50 mm (Once rounded)
  • 25 x 75 mm (Torus)


  • 19 x 75 mm (Double sided softwood)
  • 19 x 100 mm (Double sided softwood)
  • 19 x 100 mm (Ogee)
  • 25 x 125 mm (Torus)
  • 25 x 175 mm (Torus)

However, if you have a specific requirement that we do not offer online, we can produce a wide variety of intricate mouldings in our modern sawmill. Please send us an inquiry to find out more about how we can help you.

Why Shop For Timber With Harlow Bros

Harlow Timber is known for its excellent quality and our dedication to customer service. We take pride in producing high-quality products to help beginners and experts alike complete their building projects.

Our timber skirting & architraves are carefully crafted to be of the highest quality. We only use premium-grade softwood and handle all the woodworking on-site with our expert machinery. We're also always happy to offer advice and work with you to create an exceptional product at an affordable cost.

Buy exceptional products and great customer service when you shop with Harlow Bros.

Our Other Joinery Timber Options

If you wish to complete your project with Harlow Timber, we have a fantastic range of products to help you do so. Take a look at some of our other timber ranges, such as:

Purchase everything you need to finish your project with Harlow Bros' joinery timber range.


What are architraves for?

Architraves have been used since the days of classical architecture. They are a lintel or beam that rests on the capitals of columns. Typically, they frame a door or window in the home.

How do you fix a skirting board?

There are a few different ways to fix a skirting board, and most depend on your type of wall. Some of the most common methods include:

  • Masonry nails, screws or wall plugs – using these is ideal for masonry walls, which are made from brick or block.
  • Lost head nails – ideal for attaching skirting to a timber stud partition wall. You should first use a stud detector to locate the studs and then use lost head nails to secure the skirting.
  • Adhesive – adhesive is a common method of attaching skirting, requiring no drilling. You can stick the skirting to your wall using a gap-filling grab adhesive.

If you do not know what type of wall you have (for example, if it's plastered and painted and you don't know what's beneath), it might be best to investigate first before deciding which method is best to fix your skirting for a lasting finish. Always be conscious to locate and avoid any cables or pipework before drilling into a wall.

How do you paint a timber skirting board?

You can paint a timber skirting board similarly to how you would paint any other type of timber – it can be furnished with paint, varnish or wood stain.

It is always recommended that you lightly sand the wood before painting, ensuring that the face is smooth and non-abrasive. Next, tape up the area above the skirting board, so the paint does not get onto the rest of the wall.

Apply your first coat of paint and wait for it to dry before building the colour. This will ensure you get a great finish on your skirting boards. It is always advisable to prime coat any timber and waiting to dry before applying you top coat paint finish.