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About Gravel Board

Building a fence that stands the test of time requires attention to detail and top-quality materials. 

At the heart of every successful fence lies a sturdy wooden gravel board, which serves as a crucial barrier between the ground and the fence panel.

Don't settle for less - shop gravel board fencing from our selection of high-quality materials and take the first step towards building a fence that will withstand the elements for years to come.

Our Gravel Boards Sizes

We offer a variety of premium pressure-treated wooden gravel boards designed to protect your fence from rot and decay.

Our commitment to sustainability means you can be confident that the timber we use is sourced from responsibly managed forests approved by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Our range comes in an array of size options including:

  • 22 x 150 mm Gravel Board 3.0 m - Dark Brown Treated
  • 22 x 150 mm Gravel Board 3.6 m - Dark Brown Treated
  • 22 x 150 mm Gravel Board 4.8 m - Dark Brown Treated

Easily find top-quality gravel board fencing at Harlow Bros.

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Discover an unbeatable selection of building materials that are tailored to your needs at Harlow Bros.

Gravel Board FAQs

What is a gravel board, and what is its purpose?

A gravel board is a timber board that is placed at the base of a fence. Its purpose is to protect the fence panel from ground-level moisture, preventing rot and decay.

What type of wood is typically used for gravel boards?

Our gravel boards are made from pressure-treated softwood, which has been treated with preservatives to ensure its resistance to rot, decay, and insect damage.

Do I need a gravel board for my fence?

While not strictly necessary, a wooden gravel board can significantly increase the lifespan of your fence by protecting it from ground-level moisture. It is recommended to use one in all fencing projects to ensure the longevity of the fence.