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About Fence Pales

If you are building a fence, boundary or new gate, timber fence pales can allow you to construct a partition or entrance that is both efficient and pleasing to the eye.

All of our pales are pressure treated to resist insect infestation and rot, giving them a long-lasting, durable finish. With round and pointed pale tops and a range of sizes to pick from, you'll find the length and style of timber fence pale within our range to suit your job.

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Purchase Premium Timber Fence Pales

We have a wide variety of timber fence pales available at Harlow Bros. All of our pales are made from the highest-quality timber, which we source sustainably, and pressure treat on-site using our own machinery. This helps us to get the perfect finish, providing our customers with nothing but the very best, every time you shop. 

Some of the lengths of timber pale we stock include:

  • 1200mm
  • 900mm
  • 750mm
  • 600mm

We offer timber fence pales with both pointed and rounded pale tops so you can pick the right design for your project. 

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Why Shop For Fence Pales With Harlow Bros?

Harlow Bros has provided contractors and the public with high-quality building materials since the 1920s. 

With almost a century of experience behind us, we offer exceptional customer service and support to help you feel confident about every aspect of your purchase.

When you buy with Harlow Bros, you'll get fantastic, durable timber products at an excellent price. 

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Explore Our Full Timber Fencing Range

Looking for more timber fencing materials? We have many exceptional timber products available to help you finish your fencing with style and durability. 

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What are fence pales?

Fence pales are also sometimes known as pickets or slats. They are the vertical boards or planks that make up a fence. They are usually spaced out evenly to create a barrier that provides privacy and allows light to pass through. A pale fence creates a boundary that is pleasing on the eye.


Can you paint fence pales?

Yes. Wooden fence pales can be painted and stained; however, it is always recommended that you treat the wood beforehand. 


How do you install fence pales?

There are a few key steps to install your fence panels, including:

  • Determine the size you want your fence to be, and the spacing between the fence pales. Measure and mark the location of the fence posts.
  • Dig holes for the fence posts, making sure they are deep enough to provide stable support for the fence.
  • Set the fence posts in the holes and fill them with concrete or gravel, ensuring they are level. 
  • You would need to add fence rails to the posts to have something to fix the pales onto.

You can then work on completing our fence. If you lack experience with fencing installation, it may be worth investing in a professional tradesperson to ensure it is done correctly.