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About Softwood Porches

Enhance the entrance of your home with our range of softwood porch kits at Harlow. Available in various sizes to accommodate your specific requirements, our softwood porch kits come in a convenient and straightforward kit form.

Each kit is securely packed, providing you with everything you need to effortlessly construct and install a charming porch that not only enhances the aesthetics of your home but also shields visitors from the elements.

Delivered in an untreated timber state, our softwood porches offer flexibility for customisation. You have the freedom to apply the treatment, stain, or finish of your choice, allowing you to tailor the porch to your preferred aesthetic.

Transform your home by choosing Harlow Bros' timber structures and porches.


Buy A Softwood Porch Kit Today

Our porch kits come in distinct styles – including the classic apex roof and the modern flat roof. The apex roof design adds a timeless charm to your entrance, while the flat roof offers a contemporary touch, allowing you to choose the style that best suits your home's architecture.

Whether you prefer a natural wood finish or a specific colour scheme, our softwood porch kits provide the foundation for you to create a welcoming and stylish entrance.

Our porch kits include a variety of brackets and porch finials to add unique and decorative elements to your porch. These finishing touches not only provide structural support but also serve as stylish embellishments, allowing you to personalise your porch according to your taste.

With Harlow's softwood porch kits, you can easily transform your entryway into a welcoming and visually appealing space. Purchase a softwood porch kit today.


Reach Out To An Expert

Take advantage of our flexible delivery options and convenient click-and-collect services to acquire your materials in a way that suits you best. Contractors or people in trade can enjoy the advantages of specialised trade accounts tailored to their unique needs.

Our committed team is readily available to help with just a click or call away, get in touch today.