About Concrete Posts & Gravel Boards

Concrete posts serve as the sturdy backbone of a fence, providing stability and support for the entire structure.

Gravel boards, often paired with concrete posts, play a crucial role in protecting the bottom of the fence panels from ground-level moisture and potential damage. Placed at the base of the fence, gravel boards act as a barrier, preventing direct contact between the fence panels and the damp ground.

Whether for residential, commercial, or agricultural applications, concrete posts and gravel boards continue to be popular choices for fencing projects. Purchase your high-quality concrete posts and gravel boards today.


Our Concrete Posts & Gravel Boards Available

Available in various sizes, our concrete posts cater to various projects, from large-scale commercial endeavours to garden boundary fences. Designed for longevity and minimal maintenance, these concrete posts ensure a durable foundation for your fencing needs.

Our concrete gravel boards, an essential companion to the posts, offer a protective barrier that extends the life of your fence panels and is also available in a vast range of sizes. These gravel boards come in a variety of styles, including recessed, smooth, and rock faced designs.

Explore our full fencing range for a comprehensive selection of timber fencing options, fixings, and more, ensuring you find everything you need for a sturdy fencing solution.


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How long do concrete gravel boards last?

Under normal conditions and proper maintenance, our gravel boards can last for around 25 years. The robust construction and resistance to decay, rot, and pests contribute to their extended lifespan. The lifespan of our concrete gravel boards is subjective to the area the product is placed within, including correct installation and level of exposure.