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About Fence Capping

Fence capping is a premium solution that provides the perfect finishing touch, protecting any fence structure from rot caused by rain and residue. Our wood fence capping products ensure long-lasting performance as well as a clean look.

Our fencing products are built to be durable, weather-proof, and resistant to fading, thanks to rigorous pressure treatment. You can trust that our fence top capping will maintain its beauty and structural integrity even in harsh environmental conditions.

We have established ourselves as a reliable supplier of timber fencing products for both trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Our team of knowledgeable experts deliver personalised support and guidance, assisting you in finding the ideal fencing solution that suits your specific needs.


Our Collection Of Fence Capping

Our fence capping is designed to prevent water damage to your fence structure, allowing a long, healthy life and reducing the need for maintenance. With capping, rain and residue will run off the top of your fence, stopping it from sitting on the wood and causing rot.

Our capping products are engineered for easy installation, making the process quick and straightforward. We also prioritise sustainability by sourcing premium timber fencing exclusively from sustainable locations.


Explore Our Full Timber Fencing Range

Fence capping isn’t all we offer; the full range of timber fencing supplies will provide everything that’s needed to complete your project from beginning to end.

If you’re not too sure what you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch or pay a visit to one of our branches to see the products that we sell in person.



What is fence capping, and why is it important?

Fence capping refers to the protective covering or finishing element installed on top of a fence. It provides several benefits, including added protection against moisture, weathering, and prolonging the lifespan of the fence. It also enhances the overall appearance of the fence, giving it a polished and finished look.


How is fence capping installed?

The installation process for fence capping depends on the chosen material and the type of fence. Capping is attached securely to the top of the fence using nails or screws. Our team of experts can provide guidance on the specific installation method based on your requirements.


Does fence capping require maintenance?

Timber capping may need periodic staining or sealing to protect it from the elements. Our team can advise you on the specific maintenance recommendations based on the material you choose.