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About Fence Posts

Are you looking for a reliable and sturdy solution to secure your property? Look no further than our high-quality fence posts, designed to last for years and treated to withstand the toughest weather conditions. 

When you are building a new fence or repairing an existing one, the fence posts here at Harlow Bros will always be your best choice. With their strength and stability, they will provide support for any structure necessary for a durable and long-lasting fence. 

Shop our fence posts today, and complete that fence perimeter with confidence.


The Fence Posts We Offer

All of our wooden posts are sourced from sustainable forests and are pressure treated by us to ensure you get the most out of your purchase in the fight against insect infestation and rot. 

We host a wide variety of fence posts, and whatever thickness or length of post you need, we’ll do our best to supply for you. 

Whilst the majority are used primarily in fencing projects, our posts also pose a great solution for various landscaping projects. 

Fence posts we supply include: 

  • Dark Brown Treated Fence Post 
  • Dark Brown Treated Birdsmouth Fence Post
  • Green Treated Machine Round Pointed Post
  • Green Treated Machine Round Post Blank
  • Brown Treated V Notched Fence Post

All of our fence posts are available in various sizing options, so you can find what you’re looking for with ease. 

Explore our full range of sizes and styles today.


Why Buy From Harlow Bros?

Here at Harlow Bros, we pride ourselves in offering excellent quality products to the nation and have done since the 1920s. 

Customer service is extremely important to us; we always look to improve customer satisfaction. When you buy with Harlow Bros, you’ll get fantastic freshly sawn timber machined specially by us at an excellent price. 

Only settle for the best; shop with Harlow Bros. Please feel free to enquire with us.


Check Out Our Full Timber Fencing Range

If this is just a piece to your puzzle, and you’re looking for other materials to complete your fencing project, look no further. You can shop our timber fencing range or explore each category as follows:

Find whatever you’re looking for at Harlow Bros. 



What are fence posts used for?

Fence posts are used to support a fence panel or structure and hold it upright, and they are buried securely into the ground to provide stability to the entire fence system. 

Fence posts are also used in decking projects along with landscaping projects and can even be used as a stake for growing trees or shrubs.


What materials are fence posts made from?

Our fence posts are made from freshly sawn softwoods. They are all pressure treated in our tanks to ensure that you get the best experience possible.


What Size of Fence Post Do I Need?

The size of fence post you’ll require for your project will vary, but for fencing projects it is recommended to have a fence post two feet longer than the total height of your fence. THis measurement ratio includes a gravel board if you choose to use one.

For example a 4ft fence would need to have 6ft fence posts.