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About I Beam Joists

At Harlow Engineered Floors, we’re proud to provide a range of high-quality I-beam joists for a range of applications.

We have successfully provided our clients with complete I-beam joist solutions for several years and are the country’s leading supplier of Steico I-beam joists on the housebuilder market in the UK.

Whether you’re a new builder and have been advised to use an I-beam for your project or an experienced house builder company looking for high-quality materials, Harlow Engineered Floors has something for you.

Our team of specialists are always on hand to advise, guide and help you to design your project.

Shop I-beam joists with Harlow Engineered Floors now.

Our Range of I Beam Joist Sizes

Harlow Engineered Floors offer I-beam joists in various sizes to ensure you have everything you need for your project. Some of the sizes we offer include:

  • 45 x 220 mm
  • 25 x 240 mm
  • 45 x 300 mm
  • 60 x 240 mm
  • 60 x 300 mm
  • 90 x 240 mm

We even offer a price-by-application service on our I-beams, as due to planning regulations, architectural drawings and structural integrity plans must be designed by our team prior to sale. This helps to ensure that your build will be up to regulation code, and that you have the materials needed to make it so.

To find out more, and to work out the best deal possible for your project requirements, get in touch with us today.

Why Shop For Joists With Harlow Engineered Floors

Harlow Engineered Floors have been supplying our clients with exceptional wood since the 1920s. We have a wealth of experience delivering great products and excellent customer service.

When you shop for I-beam joists with us, you will get a service that prioritises getting the right products for your project. We will be happy to offer our expert advice and guidance when needed and will work with you to find exceptional products that meet your needs. When you shop with us, you’ll always get the best deal.

Buy top-notch building materials with Harlow Engineered Floors.

Our Other Roof Trusses & Engineered Joists

If you need some other high-quality joists for your project, or if you’re looking for some roof trusses to complete a build, explore some of our other categories, including:

Buy everything you need to finish your project with Harlow Engineered Floors.


What are I beams used for?

Wooden I-beams are primarily used for constructing floors in new build housing projects or extensions predominantly. The reason for this is their cost, speed of installation and that they are lightweight in comparison to alternatives making them an ideal choice for many builders.

Why are I beams better than Metal Web Joists?

I Beams are lighter and cheaper than metal web joists, which make them a more cost-effective option for many house builders.

How do you connect I beams?

Connecting I-beams is usually done with specialist joist hangers. When you work with Harlow Engineered Floors to complete your build, we will be able to sell you these alongside your I-beams, with our design team ensuring that all aspects of the build are up to regulation standards.