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About Concrete Posts

Harlow Bros offers a diverse range of concrete posts designed to provide strength and reliability for your fence, ensuring a long-lasting fencing solution that can withstand various weather conditions.

We deliver reliable concrete post solutions that provide unwavering strength and durability to your fence. Contact us or visit our showroom to explore our range.

Our Selection of Concrete Posts 

Constructed with superior strength, our concrete posts provide robust support and stability, ensuring the integrity of your fence even in challenging environments.

Our concrete posts are versatile, accommodating different fence styles and requirements. We have the perfect slotted concrete fence posts to meet your specific needs. Installing these posts is simple and efficient, allowing for a secure and level foundation for your fence.

Shop premium concrete fence posts today.

Shop Our Concrete Gravel Boards & Timber Fencing Supplies

In search of concrete gravel boards? Look no further. With our extensive experience, we offer dependable and field-tested concrete gravel boards suitable for projects of all sizes. Our diverse range of sizes ensures effortless installation of timber fence panels, resulting in a resilient and long-lasting fence. 

In addition to concrete gravel boards, we also provide a wide selection of timber fencing supplies, such as feather edge timber fencing, timber fencing, fence pales, posts, and rails. 

Start your fencing project with Harlow Bros today.


Do concrete fence posts require any special maintenance?

Concrete posts are virtually maintenance-free. Unlike wooden posts that may require periodic staining or treatment, concrete posts do not need painting or regular maintenance. Occasional cleaning to remove dirt or debris is usually sufficient to keep them in good condition and ensure their long-lasting performance. 

Are concrete posts suitable for all types of fences?

Yes, concrete posts are versatile and can be used with various types of fences, including timber panels, wire mesh, and composite materials. They provide a solid foundation and support for different fence styles, ensuring stability and durability for your chosen fencing materials.