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About Wood Loft Panels

Here at Harlow Bros, we supply an outstanding selection of high-quality loft panels for your construction projects.

The panels we sell are made up of Chipboard and come in packs of three or on a singular board basis. They are designed to be smaller than standard sheet materials so that they can easily go through your loft hatch opening, allowing your project to go ahead easily.

Whether you’re working on building a subfloor or floor surface for your loft or attic; or pursuing a bigger project and want to turn it into a space with purpose, like an extra bedroom, our loft panels are a simple and effective way to get started. The tongue and groove nature of the board creates a consistent and even surface for any project.

Shop high-quality loft panels with Harlow Bros today!

Chipboard Loft Panels Cut To Size

Our loft panels are available in a range of sizes to fit your requirements. Some of the sizes that we have readily available to purchase online include:

  • 1220 x 253 x 18 mm (single pack)
  • 1220 x 253 x 18 mm (triple pack)

Please get in touch with us to discuss bespoke loft panel measurements, and we can see how best we can help you get what you need for your project.

Why Shop For Loft Panels With Harlow Bros

Here at Harlow Bros, we pride ourselves on our excellent workmanship and customer service. Our wood products are of the highest quality, and since the 1920s, we’ve satisfied happy customers throughout the UK.

When you choose to shop for your loft panels with us, we’ll make sure you get everything you need to complete your project with success. All the panels you receive will be of the best standard and allow you to finish your project confidently.

Choose Harlow Bros for high-quality products at low prices. Shop today!

Our Other Sheet Material Options

If you require another type of wood board or sheet material to finish your project, we have a fantastic variety of others in stock. Take a look at some of our other collections:

With an exceptional range of materials available, you can’t go wrong when you shop with Harlow Bros for your project.


What Is A Chipboard Loft Panel Made From?

Chipboard combines lots of small wood chips with strong bonding glue and then presses them into panels or sheets. Chipboard is sometimes called ‘particleboard’ or ‘low-density fibreboard’.

How Do You Install Chipboard Loft Panels?

Prior to installation, it is recommended that you keep your chipboard panels in the loft for 48 hours. This will allow them to acclimate to the climate, reducing any risk of warping or snapping during construction.

Place your chipboards in position one by one, securing them with adhesive to keep them in position. When placing a screw in your panel, try to ensure it is no closer than 10 mm to the edge of the panel, as this could result in unevenness.

How Do You Lay Loft Panels?

When laying the loft panels in place, we recommend ensuring a minimum 10 mm gap around the perimeter of the flooring. This gap allows for expansion and prevents bulking from occurring.