Building Grade Timber

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About Building Grade Timber

We stock a wide range of graded timber including C16 & C24 graded carcassing. Roof battens, CLS, scaffold boards and more & including treated timber when working in an exposed environment. The majority of our graded timber comes in the structurally graded specification, is regularised & kiln-dried. Our graded timber is only sourced from sustainable, certified responsible sources. Much of our stock is pre-graded however we have a team of expert graders who can visually grade timber to your specification. All of our structurally graded timbers are supplied as kiln-dried to a moisture content of 20% or less in line with building regulations. This process offers several benefits including greater strength, better machining, reduced susceptibility to mould or fungi and less shrinkage and distortion. We do offer a range of not Kiln dried unseason carcassing because it is available in much larger section sizes. It is typically used where its moisture content is not a concern for example in fencing or landscaping