The directors and shareholders of Harlow Bros Holdings publicly announced in late 2021 plans for the restructuring of the ownership of the group businesses. 

The family intend to sell the majority of its shareholding to an Employee-Owned Trust in the first quarter of 2022. The Harlow family want to ensure that the business not only retains the family values that have made the company successful for the last 94 years but also provide a legacy and opportunities for the people that continue to work in the business. 

For over 90 years the business has benefited from prudent and considered planning and the Harlow family believe it is appropriate that succession and the long-term planning for the business should be addressed whilst the family directors are able to be part of the process. 

The move to employee ownership allows the business to remain independent, resilient, and sustainably financed. 

The board have agreed on a long-term arrangement which means that the Harlow family will maintain a serious commitment to the business for the foreseeable future. The family will also continue to be the landlord for the majority of the operating sites. 

By giving our staff this reassurance and by placing the employees at the heart of the business the Harlow family sincerely hope that the new structure will create fresh opportunities and new energy within the Harlow Group