What is Marine Ply?

At Harlow, we are one of the UK’s most comprehensive suppliers of Marine Ply, with a vast selection of thicknesses and sheet sizes.

Marine Plywood remains one of the most popular products within our range, so we thought we would take the time to build a guide to marine plywood to understand its properties and uses.

The name Marine Plywood suggests that this sheet material has been created with the boating world in mind, but the truth is that these boards are used for many purposes in the construction, joinery and DIY sectors.

Like all other plywoods, Marine is composed of thin layers of timber. These layers or veneers are made up of core veneers and two top face veneers, and unlike other plywood, Marine has a core that consists of additional layers bonded with a moisture-resistant WBP (water & boil proof) adhesive to maintain adhesion in damp conditions.

Marine Ply is also constructed of hardwood rather than softwood timber. Various hardwoods can be used in the construction of the board, including Douglas Fir, Western Larch, and Tropical Hardwoods, along with other hardwoods that are durable and naturally water resistant.

Marine is a class III plywood that is designed to endure exterior conditions, and whilst there are a lot of similarities between Marine Plywood and other exterior grade boards, Marine Ply has to meet a strict set of regulatory specifications to reach British Standard accreditation BS 1088.

To meet this standard Marine Plywood must:

  • Have no core gaps within the makeup of the board
  • Be constructed of high-quality, durable hardwood veneers
  • Be bonded with a waterproof adhesive glue

Marine Plywood also has a structural strength suitable for the construction and building industry to ensure when it is used under load, it will meet all regulations.

With its additional level of veneers, high-quality face veneers, waterproof bonding and gap-free core Marine Ply is often the plywood of choice when working in damp or moist conditions, and common uses are:

  • Boat Building
  • Internal & External Construction
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Toilets
  • Soffits or Fascias
  • Waterside Projects: Piers / Docks
  • Flooring or Decking
  • Porches
  • Garages
  • Barns
  • Sheds
  • Roofing Projects

Whilst Marine Ply is engineered to live in moist or damp conditions like any timber product, the better you prepare and protect it, the longer it will last.

It is always advised that when using any sheet material in a project where it will be exposed to moisture, the board is treated, painted or coated. Special attention should always be paid to the ends of the sheet as this is where moisture or dampness can most easily penetrate the ply and, over time, delaminate the veneers. Marine Plywood is built to withstand moist or damp conditions, but the time taken to protect the board will only increase its longevity once placed into an application.

Harlow Bros offers exceptional Hardwood PlySoftwood Ply, Birch PlySpecialist Plywood such as Oak Faced Ply, and Marine Plywood. We also offer a comprehensive selection of thicknesses and sizes for all our boards. We have made every effort to ensure that when you have a job requiring Marine Ply, we have the size you need in stock.

And to ensure that we always have what you need, if you buy your Marine Ply from the Harlow Timber Online Shop, if you want your piece cut to a certain size, you can pop your requirements into the order notes, and we'll cut as you require.

Marine Ply Has a Hardwood Face   Marine Plywood Has More Veneers Than Standard Ply

Marine Ply Is Made From Durable Tropical Hardwood.   Marine Ply Is BS1088 Standard