Harlow Timber Group Achieves FORS Silver Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that the Harlow Timber Group is now accredited for another year as FORS Silver (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme).

A great deal of work has gone into this accreditation with over 50 standalone documents having to be drafted and evidenced to show compliance. FORS accreditation can only be achieved through consistently complying with specific criteria, which involves all operational colleagues; from the drivers, forklift operators, route planners, transport managers, workshop, main board and many more.

It can only work if we work together as a clinical unit. The achievement is a testament to our commitment across the board to going above and beyond in all things we do.

The accreditation, valid for one calendar year, from 31/01/2024 to 30/01/2025, showcases Harlow Timber Group's adherence to FORS standards across our various sites. With a total of 67 vehicles, including 52 heavy goods vehicles and 15 vans, the group has demonstrated a comprehensive approach to fleet management, we remain committed to maintaining FORS requirements to uphold the Silver accreditation!