Benefits of a mobile field shelter:

It’s important that Horses spend a lot of time outside but with the harsh weather coming it is always best to prepare for the worst. Mobile Field Shelters are a versatile solution and here we give run through a few different positive points for the mobile field shelter option.


No Planning Permission

Acquiring planning permission for buildings can be very time consuming and also costly. There can often be certain requirements depending on the area you are in. With mobile field shelters you usually do not have worry about it. These types of buildings are classed as temporary fixtures and so for the majority of the time planning permission is not required.

It is important to always double check with your local planning authority for the latest policies whenever you are planning on building a new stable or shelter though, regardless of whether it is mobile or static.



Another pro for the mobile field shelter is that it is often the most cost effective solution for your horse housing needs. Whilst the overall structure can be a similar size, saving can be made as you do not have to use any concrete for the base. They are supplied and built so that they can sit on any surface. What often comes with static builds as well is electric or plumbing as well as drainage. With the mobiles you can use water buts for the guttering and recycle that water and we can also supply roof lights in the mobile to help with lighting.


Robust and Movable

Despite the conception that mobile field shelters may be slightly more fragile compared with a static stable, it is actually the opposite with these having to face the harshest conditions with little protection. Harlow Manufacturing supply steel ground anchors to ensure the mobile shelters are fixed to the ground before leaving site to ensure they do not blow away. The most key feature with these buildings is the skids that allow movement of the building. Here at Harlow, we can either offer timber skids as a cost effective solution or steel skids that provide a longer term view. With the buildings being moveable, it means that the field and grass has a chance to recover once the shelter has been moved after winter to another part of the field.



We offer an extensive range of Mobile Field Shelters, all of which are fully customizable from the overall size to the frontage options. Our customers have the pick from our standard sizes of:12ft x 12ft, 20ft x 12ft, 24ft x 12ft, 16ft x 10ft and 20ft x 10ft, although we are open to discussions regarding bespoke sizes. In terms of frontage, we offer open ended, 6ft wide gate(s) or a stable front which consists of a stable door paired with a stable window or a stable door paired with a stable top door to act as a window. In the interest of longevity, we always recommend using a box profile corrugated steel roof for your MFS, however we do offer felt roofing options if requested.