Roof Trusses for all Types of Project.

At Harlow Timber Systems we are dealing with a wide variety of projects each & every day. We have long standing partnerships with both national & regional house builders but we're equally supplying self build, extension & renovation projects with the same levels of care and attention to detail. Our experienced sales & design team are on hand to assist you with your project.

Posi-Joists. An engineered solution for your Project

At Harlow Timber Systems our in house team of sales & design staff will draw up & quote your project to meet your specification. Metal web joists provide a simple, adaptable and easy to work with solution for your new build or extension project, and make it easy to fit utilities, pipes & cabling. Posi-Joists can be used in floor & roof situations.

I-Beam Engineered Joist Solutions

I-Beam Joists provide a cost effective, lightweight & versatile solution for your floor, roof or timber frame project & our in house team of designers & technicians can tailor our extensive range of Steico joists to your application.

Posi-Joists Save you Labour & Time

One of the huge advantages of choosing metal web joists from Harlow Timber Systems for your project is the time & labour costs you will save when it comes to fitting cables along with water, heating & ventilation pipes. The 'open' web nature of Posi-Joists means that their fitting is quick, adaptable & simple, and that's why some of our biggest clients opt for our metal web joists as a matter of preference.

Our Trusses are Fabricated In House

At Harlow Timber Systems once you place your order we can give you accurate estimates of delivery date as our in house teams of fabricators set to work on creating your requirement in house. This complete in house service affords our team the ability to apply strict quality control regimes for you project meaning that when you order from Harlow you can trust in receiving a product that you'll be delighted with.

Design to your Specification

Roof trusses can be a complex product with regulations and planning rules to navigate. You can rest assured at Harlow Timber Systems that once provided with your drawing we will design your truss solution to your specification whilst using a design and raw materials that adhere to all building regulations & rules.

Delivery to your Site by our In House Fleet

At Harlow we have an extensive fleet of commercial vehicles that are in house, and that means that when your delivery has been scheduled you can rely on us to deliver as we our fleet under the control of our experienced transport teams. Our fleet encompasses a range of vehicle sizes too so if there's an access issue just let us know and we'll ensure the appropriate delivery vehicle is scheduled.

I Joist Versatility

I Joist Versatility

When choosing an I Beam solution for your project our design and plan team can work with you to build in the versatility you need to complete your project. The joists solid central structure provides lightweight strength but that's not a barrier to your installation needs.

Working with Large Contractors in Partnership

At Harlow Timber Systems we are proud to be part of large construction projects that are a little away from the norm. And we believe that this demonstrates the versatility within our organisation that whatever the engineered timber challenge your specification requires we have the design, fabrication & delivery teams to bring your project to life with a timeline to suit your requirement.

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