Explore the versatility of using I-Beam engineered products for your project.


Steico I-Beam Engineered Floor Solutions

Steico I Joists offer a lightweight, strong and quick to install solution when you require floor joists in your project. At Harlow our services and all 'in house' and we procure our stocks directly from the manufacturer so we have the product on the ground to supply your requirement in a complete kit form with detailed drawing direct to site.

I-Beam Engineered Solutions for Roofing Projects

Whether it's a flat or pitched roof rafter solution your project requires at Harlow we design and supply Steico I Beam products for your job. With superior span & load capabilities using I Joist for you roof application provides increased internal space, and our team will supply detailed drawings with your delivery to ensure your installation is completed to meet all safety and building regulations.

Steico LVL

Steico LVL (or Laminated Veneer Lumber) can be designed and supplied for your project to provide a slimmer, stronger, consistent & faster to fix solution in comparison to standard natural timber sections. To discuss the benefits of using Steico LVL for you job just get in touch with our sales and design team.

We have the Stocks on the Ground to Fulfill your Project Requirements

At Harlow we procure our stocks of Steico engineered products direct from the manufacturer to ensure that when you opt for an I Joist solution we are in complete control of the supply of your order to site.

I-Joist Solutions in Plot Kits for House Builders

We have built relationships with some of the regions largest house building companies. Our partnerships are long lasting and successful because of our capability to deliver multi plot house build lots on a call off basis. Working with site managers across the country whatever call off or delivery scenario suits your site we are on hand with our own fleet of vehicles to supply as you require.

I-Joists a Versatile Product for Your Project

Even though I-Joists have a solid vertical section within their design this certainly doesn't prohibit you from fitting utilities, pipes and wiring. If you plan includes these elements we can design in the drilled areas so that when your I-Beam kit is delivered all of the relevant areas have the capability to fit as you need. We are also happy to discuss supplying within your kit the ability for your team to conduct this work yourself based on your plans and our own load testing expertise, and our team are always willing to discuss this element of your build to ensure you installation goes smoothy..

I-Beam Engineered Joists Create a Internal Space in Roofs of Superior Span & Space

When choosing an engineered timber project for your roof construction if span and internal space are high on your priority list then you'll find an I-Beam engineered joist design superior in both aspects, and our knowledgeable sales and design team can take your plans and create a plan to fulfill your project goals.

We Work with Steico to Bring you the Very Best in I-Beam Engineered Products

At Harlow we work with Steico to bring you the very best I-Joist engineered joist solutions in the market. Our relationship means that we are procuring our stocks directly from source and once on the ground our experienced team in sales, design, technicians and logistics offer a seamless service for your engineered timber project.

I-Joist Cassette Flooring Systems for you Timber Frame Project

We have build the experience, stocks and knowledge to deliver I-Joist in cassette systems that have become hugely popular in the timber frame construction sector. And when we design your I-Beam cassette floor we will quote for a complete kit that encompasses everything you will need to install you new flooring system. If you have multiple plots then we will designate each plot as a separate 'kit' and we can even provide call off so you can take a plot at a time.

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Explore the versatility of using I-Beam engineered products for your project.