About Us

About Us


A family owned company, Harlow Bros have over 90 years experience in timber, engineered wood products and in manufacturing timber products.

From merchanting to manufacture, Harlow Bros are a company respected throughout a wealth of industries for our expertise.

Whatever the application, Harlow Bros have the experience and expertise to advise which type or grade of wood is suitable for a particular application.  As an end user, the company are in a unique position to give advice and can supply timber and timber products, along with allied hardware at the best possible price.

Whether customers require joinery timber or doors; windows or floors; roof trusses or even a complete timber frame house, Harlow Bros have a range that is internationally renowned.

The company has also manufactured golf driving ranges, cricket pavilions and even stabling for Zebra.

From humble beginnings, Harlow Bros have become a multi-million pound operation which continues a policy of personal service, expansion and investment in the future.

Harlow Bros are proud to have been associated with many prestigious projects over the years, ranging from racecourse installations, studs and riding schools to trainer's yards.  Whilst enjoying the prestige and challenge presented by projects of this type, the same care and attention is afforded to every order whatever the size.